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We've got answers.

What types of cannabis testing services do you offer?

We provide analysis for:

  • Cannabinoids
  • Terpenes
How can I submit my cannabis samples for testing?

You can request a test through our online form, and have it sent to the laboratory with our door-to-door sample collection service.

What are the typical turnaround times for cannabis testing?

Delivery to the lab usually takes 1 business day. You can expect to receive your results within 3 business days after the laboratory receives the sample.

What format are the test results provided in?

Test results are provided in a user-friendly format, easily accessible through a webpage, QR-code and as PDF-file.

In which countries do you provide cannabis testing services?

We mainly offer cannabis testing services for the Netherlands, and have an established presence in other European countries, including Spain, France, Belgium, and Germany. Plans are in place to further expand services across Europe.

How do you ensure the accuracy and reliability of the testing results?

The laboratory uses validated technology and methods to guarantee quality and safety in their testing processes.

Do you participate in proficiency testing programs to validate your testing capabilities?

Our partner, Allora Labs, ensures their testing capabilities through participation in proficiency testing programs.

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